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A FREE Public
AI Image Generator Bot

Generate unlimited free images for personal and commercial use with our bot today. Add the bot to your server with the buttons below!
  • Completely Free – generate unlimited images for free with the public queue 💵
  • Reduce wait times – you can reduce wait times by either voting or paying a small monthly free 💎
  • Constant Updates – we are actively developing the bot so new features are constantly released 🎉
User Guide

How to use the bot

Follow this guide to get setup and using the bot within 60 seconds.
Invite the bot
Press the Invite the Bot button above to add the bot to your server.
Send Image Request
Run the command /generate <description> in the server the bot is in to start your generation request.
Simply wait for the bot to generate your image and it will be sent to you. If you want to track your generation run /status to check your image generation status. This can be sped up by either voting with /vote or subscribing to premium with /premium.